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Veritey Seals of Approval

At Veritey we want to enable and encourage you to shop easily, in a way that matches your lifestyle.  That’s why we’ve created seals of approval that are core to how we vet products. We look for goods that are: eco & sustainable, healthy & non-toxic, cruelty free and/or socially responsible. If at a macro level a brand embodies the Veritey vision, we will bestow our highest honor: the official Veritey stamp of approval.  (This is actually an award that's coming soon...).  For the best products, look for the Veritey seals whenever you shop.

In addition to granting our seals, each and every product on Veritey is tested by a team member. We stand behind every product because that product works.  Lets face it, it’s not enough to have a mission or to make a sustainable product.  The product itself actually has to do the job well to be worthy of our hard-earned dollars... and yours.

We like to say, Veritey gets to the root of healthy living.  So you can breathe easier. 

Non-Toxic & Safe: free of toxic chemicals and safe for use.  The Non-Toxic and Safe Badge indicates products are free of all known or suspected chemicals based on publicly available information (sources include the Environmental Working Group, GoodGuide, US Department of Health and Human Services Report on Carcinogens, The Center for Disease Control, The World Health Organization and more) as well as input from Veritey Science Panelists (leading doctors, researchers, and PhDs). We look for products that do not contain toxins associated with a variety of diseases and health issues, including cancers, obesity, diabetes, infertility, autism, ADD, ADHD, endocrine disruption and more.


Sustainable & Ecological: maintain ecological balance, good for the planet & ecosystems.  The Sustainable & Ecological Badge indicates products created to maintain ecological balance and avoid the depletion of natural resources. We look for companies that create products that are fully responsible from cradle to cradle, as well as companies that strive in authentic and measurable ways to create products that are sustainable and ecologically responsible.


Socially Responsible: gives back, charitable & good for the community. The Socially Responsible Badge indicates products that are backed by company philosophy and actions that are socially responsible and give back in a meaningful way, either through substantial charitable donations or programs. We look for companies that are truly making a difference, in a way that is core to the DNA of the company.




No Harm & Cruelty Free: kind to animals, does no harm to any living being.  The No Harm & Cruelty Free Badge indicates products that were developed without animal testing and created without any production processes that harmed animals. In many cases these products are entirely animal-free or vegan. We look for companies that closely manage the entire production chain to ensure that no animals were harmed at any point during product creation. 


The more you learn, we think the more you’ll appreciate what we do and depend on our think-proof product information.  Please share your successes and frustrations, your ideas and your desires, your stories and trials as you aim for a healthier life.  Our community is waiting to hear from you.  Please share with the world the news of what you find about products on Veritey.  That’s part of our mission: to change the kind of products that are made.  We need to commend those who are getting it right and shower them with praise and purchases.   That’s what we call capidealism.

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