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Amy Ziff featured on ABC's Nightline The New Mommy Wars: Avoiding Synthetic Chemicals, December 2013

Click Below to See Specific Articles:, January 2013, PDF

DETAILS, January 2013, PDF

Access Hollywood, January 2013, PDF, January 2013 PDF, January 2013 PDF 

CLEAN Program - CLEAN EATS, February 2013, PDF

Whole Foods Magazine, April 2013, PDF 

Veritey's Articles: 

Huffington Post, Hands Off My Sunscreen, August 2014

Healthline, Why Parent's Aren't Giving Up Spray Sunscreen, July 2014 

Huffington Post, The Scariest Thing This Halloween May Be In Your Kids' Makeup, October 2013

Healthline, Could One Night of Fun Lead to A Lifetime of Regret For Your Child, October 2013

Huffington Post, The Real Sting About Bees and How You're Killing them, September 2013 

Mommybites, Non-Toxic Nursery Planning, March 2013

Huffington Post, Are You Poisoning Your Baby, March 2013 

Huffington Post, Top 5 List of the Best Good-For-You Halloween Candy (Pssst GMOs You're Not Invited!), October 2012 

Huffington Post, Plant Sex and Why Variety Is Truly The Spice Of Life,  September 2012

Huffington Post, Find Your Ultra-Self According To Fitness Guru Rich Roll, April 2012

Huffington Post, The California Nailpolish Scandal And What It Means For Your Manicure, April 2012

 Press Releases: 

The 2014 Healthier Halloween Candy Cheat Sheet, October 2014 

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