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Founding Team


AMY ZIFF, Veritey Founder & Chief Capidealist*™

Founder & Chief Capidealist* Amy Ziff is a trained journalist, proven entrepreneur, start-up veteran, and healthy living advocate.  Ziff never wanted to work at a women’s magazine writing about make-up. She always was looking for ways to make a difference, and to find better ways to live a healthy life. When she became a mom, everything came together. Ziff was frustrated by how hard it was to make what should be simple decisions – healthy decisions - for herself and her family. For years as a hobby, Ziff has been seeking out the truth about products and their real ingredients. (What companies put in their products can be shocking, including known carcinogens and other toxic chemicals that can cause an array of conditions from asthma to infertility, and which are often not disclosed.) 

Now, she’s taking her pastime to primetime by makiing her findings public in the form of a community site called Veritey. Veritey comes from the Latin root word truth and is combined with the sound of “tey” in tailored and the “y” in you meaning a site comprised of truths tailored for your life. Veritey allows you to shop by lifestyle match: eco/sustainable, healthy/non-toxic, cruelty free or socially responsible.

As a mom, Ziff feels more of an urgency to create a healthy home in order to give her children the best possible start in life. “When I was 9 my Mom literally saved my life. She rejected conventional allopathic thinking when I was diagnosed with Sydenham’s Chorea with a prognosis that, at the time, some Doctors believed to be a life sentence. Instead she took me on a progressive journey to Doctor after Doctor until she found someone who believed in my health and full recovery.  It happened quickly as we removed toxins and irritants from my diet and surroundings. I learned young that we ingest and what we surround ourselves with can have serious consequences.”

As a caretaker and a Mom she can no longer be casual about decisions, like the soap that goes on her children, the clothes they wear on their skin, or what she feeds them.  “It’s my job as a Mom to help my kids be the best they can be,” says Amy. “In order to foster them to be their best selves a healthy start paired with unconditional love is crucial.”  

Our world assaults us silently with un-natural products, even in products that claim to be helpful.  Children are more susceptible to the adverse effects from these chemicals. Seemingly innocuous ingredients that claim to be “anti bacterial” or “natural” or “sun blocking” are very often more harmful than helpful!  Ziff believes you shouldn’t need a PhD to decipher what products are safe to use and which to avoid.  Yet the reality is that getting to the truth of what’s in a product can take hours of research and a lot of legwork.  Most busy moms and parents just don’t have that kind of time. Ziff is determined to make it easy and “think-proof” for everyone to make healthy choices for themselves, their loved ones and the planet.  “As busy, loving, concerned Mom I just wanted someone to tell me what to do. And so, I’ve created Veritey to do just that.”

Veritey makes it simple for people who are time pressed to make healthier decisions.  Veritey is about where truth meets healthy living.  

 Ziff has spent her career talking with people about the way they shop and live.  She has found that many people want to shop according to their beliefs but it’s generally hard to do so easily and they’d get discouraged quickly and just buy what was most accessible. Ziff knew that if she could make lifestyle shopping match easier, she’d be on to something.   

Prior to Veritey, Ziff was co-founder of Jetsetter and Creative Director for the luxury travel start-up, affiliated with the Gilt Groupe. She built a distinctive model among flash-sale sites, blurring the line between high-end magazine content, selective curation, and e-commerce.  She ran the sales, merchandising, editorial and social media teams for Jetsetter, and recruited a stable of freelance travel writers to bring a first-person, journal-style “blogging” voice new to e-commerce. The site quickly gained hundreds of thousands of members, reached 100M in less than 2 years and earned critical acclaim. 

 Ziff joined Jetsetter from her previous position as Editor-at-Large for Travelocity, the global travel giant with over $10 billion in annual travel booked.  At Travelocity she developed a host of media programs to earn Travelocity media attention and shape the brand as a travel expert.  Ziff has done thousands of interviews appearing on programs such as the Today Show, Good Morning America, The Early Show, CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, Nightly News and World News as well as local stations all over North America.  Her work has been quoted on the pages of The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, PEOPLE, The Huffington Post and more. 

 While at Travelocity, Ziff launched the Window Seat blog and podcast series, which won the award for best travel blog from the Society of American Travel Writers (2009).  She initiated and managed a cause marketing program called 'Travel for Good' around citizen “voluntourism” and green travel that won a Cause Marketer of the Year award from PR News (2009), and The Silver Anvil for Best Cause Marketing from the Public Relations Society of America (2008). 

 Ziff is on the board of advisors for Earthwatch, an organization using science and an army of citizen scientists to help stop the effects of Climate Change.


ADRIENNE PERES, Veritey Co-Founder & Capidealist*™

Co-Founder & Capidealist*Adrienne Peres brings nearly 20 years of experience in Marketing and Operations across multiple high growth industries, with a focus on start-up and small businesses.  Adrienne has always wanted to combine her lifelong passion for healthy living with a mission-driven business, so launching the Veritey brand with Founder & Chief Capidealist*™ Amy Ziff is the perfect solution.

Adrienne’s dedication to healthy living is driven in part by her family history.  Several close family members have battled breast cancer, and ultimately lost.  As a carrier of the BRCA breast and ovarian cancer genetic mutation, Adrienne takes a deeply active role in both understanding and managing her own health.  She recognizes the disturbing connection between chemicalsand cancer, so she always tries to make the best possible choices for herself and her family. Adrienne has learned that making smart, informed decisions about products containing carcinogens and toxic chemicals is sadly neither straightforward nor simple.  “Veritey is a way for me to share the factors that we CAN control in our lives. I want to create a solution that makes it easy and accessible for everyone to make better, safer choices.” 

Veritey solves a vexing problem, which is the lack of easily available, clear, concise, and trusted product information.  Veritey’s mission is to make it simple for people who lack the resources, time or skills to make healthier purchasing decisions.  “We create think-proof opportunities for consumers to match products with their beliefs.  They trust us because our research and actionable information makes a difference. Consumers feel better, look better and breathe easier (in some cases quite literally!) with our Veritey recommendations.” 

Prior to Veritey, Adrienne applied her marketing and operational expertise as a consultant to start-up technology companies, where she developed highly structured sales and marketing plans, created and launched communications initiatives, and designed and implemented business processes.  Before consulting, Adrienne held a variety of management roles at Travelocity for nearly 10 years, building out both the Partner Network and Global Media teams from inception. She was also an executive member of the team that grew Site59 (a last minute deals travel site purchased by Travelocity) from $0 to $125M in sales in two years.   

In fact, Amy and Adrienne started on the same day at Site59 as Employee Number 10 and Number 11, and worked closely together at both Site59 and Travelocity for a decade.  Prior to Site59, Adrienne spent several years in Brand Management at Colgate-Palmolive. 

Adrienne holds a BA from the University of Chicago and an MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.  She has traveled extensively across six continents and has completed several marathons and triathlons.  As a mom of two active boys, Adrienne envisions running fast for years to come. 


Susan Cann, Producer and Organic Life Coach

Susan is committed to helping people live less toxic lives.  


The Veritey team is a devoted group of individuals who are passionate about health, capidealism, and living a good life!  For now, our team is mostly donating their time because of their connection to the cause and we can’t say enough about their passion, hard-work and exuberance.  Adrienne and I are inspired by them regularly, even daily, often hourly! We owe this core team a debt of gratitude for making this dream take flight. Some of these people really, really dug in while others just did what they could.  Regardless, it all helped us get out the door and we're grateful.  You can get to know around the site by looking for their profiles.

A huge THANK YOU goes to: Chesley Andrews, Jenn Gaines, Maggie Krummel, Queenie Leung, Helen McGrath, Peter Slutsky, & Suzanne Wrede. 

If you’d like to get involved in Veritey please send a note to   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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