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Veritey (ver/eh/tey) n., 1. A site comprised of healthy products tailored for your life. 2. A community getting to the root of healthy living.  [Ver/i/te comes from the Latin root word Veritas meaning truth, combined with the sound of tai in tailored, plus the y stands for your.]

The idea behind Veritey is straightforward: make it exceedingly simple, or what we call think-proof, to find products and services that are healthy.  Sure it sounds easy.  But anyone who has tried to find out exactly what is in a trade secret formulation, or what goes into that catch-all “fragrance” or even how exactly how a product is manufactured knows that it’s far from simple to get an answer.  Getting to the bottom of a product and its lifecycle is very hard work.

Most conventional goods are made without much care about the by-products of their production.  Some people think that wearing leather is good because it’s ‘natural’ when, in fact, leather tanning is among the most toxic, dirtiest processes.  Others might think wearing jeans is good, as jeans are cotton and don’t consume animal products in their making.  But it turns out that cottons can be extremely toxic because of all the pesticides that go into growing cotton as well as the denim production process of softening, fading and dying.  The list goes on.  You buy a soap, cleanser, even food items thinking they’re natural or organic as the label claims.  However, there is no governmental regulation of these terms so anyone can use them OR abuse them.  And they do.  That so-called natural product may contain petrochemicals, formaldehyde and other nasty toxins which are inhaled, ingested and/or absorbed into your skin with every use.  For every product you use, there is probably a lot that you don’t know about it -- and sadly, much of it is likely to be bad for you, your body or the environment.  Veritey's not here to scare you.  On the contrary, we’re here to help. 

We want to arm you with a list of products that are not only safe for your use we want them to be great products!  We want you to feel that endorphin rush from buying and using a product you like that’s safe for you, safe for your loved ones, and safe for the planet. 

Each and every product on Veritey is tested by a team member so we stand behind this product because it's both safe AND effective.  Lets face it, it’s not enough to have a mission or to make a sustainable product – the product itself actually has to do the job to be worthy of our hard earned dollars and yours.

We like to say, Veritey gets to the root of things.  So you can breathe easier.   

The more you learn, we think the more you’ll appreciate what we do and come to depend on our think-proof product information.  Please share your successes and frustrations, your ideas and your desires, your stories and trials as you cultivate a healthier life.  Our community is waiting to hear from you.  Please share what you find about products on Veritey in the comments area.  


This isn’t to say that it’s simple to vet products and that we have it all figured out.  We’re constantly learning and reading, researching and asking questions of comapnies.  We’re out talking to doctors and scientists and bringing our knowledge back to share it with you, our community.  It’s part art and part science this process.  And we’re confident that we’ll learn with you along the way. 

We won’t ever profess to be perfect.  Because, frankly, we don’t live in a product world that’s even close to perfect.  What we are doing is using the available research and amassing data and making the ultimate judgement call based on all the information we have collected at this moment – so that when you want to buy a baby wash, laundry detergeant for your family, cleaning spray for your home, cosmetics or grooming aids, toys or even clothes – that you don’t have to go through all this laborious, time-consuming work.  That’s what we call our think-proof decision making process.  Because you’re to busy to sweat the details but you want a healthier life.

Now you can have it with Veritey.  All you have to do is remember to shop our website.  If you want to go deeper, sign up for one of Amy Ziff's detox classes.  And remember to sign up for our emails so we can keep in touch with you and let you know about new products and programs we're excited about.  

Remember, we are taking this journey with you. 


At Veritey we are constantly evaluating products, testing them to make sure they’re great AND that they are good.  It’s a pretty tall order.  But we’re collecting the research, amassing data, pouring over ingredients and production processes and we’re updating our site and adding products regularly.  This is no small task.  We’d like to invite you to help.  Please, tell us what you think about a product.  Tell us what you use and submit a product for review. Or, tell us if you think we’ve missed the mark by sending up a flare. Perhaps there’s been an ingredient change we need to respond to or perhaps there’s new research casting doubt on an ingredient we’d previously said was ok.  It will take everyone of our community members taking part to make us our very strongest. 

You can simply use Veritey as your source for finding products that will make your life healthier.  Or you can peel another layer of the onion. 

Lean on us.  We’re here for you.  The whole community is here for you.

While Veritey began as Amy’s vision once you’re a part of the community it’s yours too.  We invite you to contribute to the community, to suggest products, to tell us what you like, and what you don’t, to offer ideas, to share with your friends, and to send up a flare when something isn’t right.  Our team is small and lean but our goals are large and the only way we’ll get there is with your help.

We hope you’ll have fun taking this step to living a healthier life, to supporting producers who are making the next generation of products and to being part of our capidealist movement. Together we’ll make the world a better, healthier, cleaner --less toxic -- place.

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