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What is Veritey? Veritey, founded by Amy Ziff and Adrienne Peres, is a source for trusted products that help you live a healthier life and allow you to make what we call think-proof decisions. You can use us to get information on healthy, safe, eco-minded, cruelty-free or socially responsible products by shopping with our seals of approval.  If you want to get more information, become a savvier shopper or a more informed consumer read our blog and get involved in the conversation. But if you're like many of us and you lead a busy life but you want to be able to buy trusted products that are helping to change the world, then call yourself a capidealstTM and search Veritey the next time you need to buy a product. Our goal is to offer products for every aspect of your life. So if you don't see something you need yet feel free to ask a question in our Q+A and see what the community recommends in the meantime. 

What is CapidealismTM?  A capidealistTM is one who is idealistic in that they believe we can bring about change by working within the capitalist system by voting with our dollars to shift share -- away from brands who are polluting our world and our bodies -- shifting in favor of brands who are pioneering a purer path. 

What do Veritey and Amy Ziff have to do with one another?  Amy Ziff is the founder of Veritey and also runs her own website to educate Moms on how to create long-lasting lifestyle changes that will help improve their lives and the lives of their families.  Ziff wants everyone, no matter what their income or education level, to be able to protect themselves from the chemicals we encounter in everyday life.  Her classes break down what, where and how chemicals enter our body so that people can stop chemicals from stealing our health. Her classes are designed to help people look, feel and live their best life!  

What is Nontoxic Certified? Nontoxic Certified (NTC) is a mission-driven organization that provides businesses with a marketable tool to promote verified nontoxic products, and simplifies shopping for consumers through the Nontoxic Certification symbol. NTC is building America’s only third-party verification and labeling for nontoxic products. For the first time, businesses have a clear roadmap to gain nontoxic status, and consumers can quickly find and purchase lab-tested, certified nontoxic products. 



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