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What is Veritey? Veritey is a source for trusted products that help you live a healthier life and allow you to make what we call think-proof decisions. You can use us to get information on healthy, safe, eco-minded, cruelty-free or socially responsible products by shopping with our seals of approval.  If you want to get more information, become a savvier shopper or a more informed consumer read our blog and get involved in the conversation. But if you're like many of us and you lead a busy life but you want to be able to buy trusted products that are helping to change the world, then call yourself a capidealstTM and search Veritey the next time you need to buy a product. Our goal is to offer products for every aspect of your life. So if you don't see something you need yet feel free to ask a question in our Q+A and see what the community recommends in the meantime. 

What is CapidealismTM?  A capidealistTM is 


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A Capidealist™ is someone who believes that world change will come about through harnessing our collective purchasing power on the free market.
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